Ladylike Toughness

written by Katie McMinn September 9, 2016
Michelle Obama Jackie Kennedy

Last week, we channeled our inner Audrey Hepburn, today we need to channel or need Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama. Today it’s all about girly skirts and gentlemen’s jackets. Yes, I mean to make a play with masculinity and femininity. I love the balance each gets to one another. And like a good marriage needs balance so too does a good outfit. The trick to this is pair girly items with structured items.

What I mean by girly, is anything with lacy, ruffles, silk etc.; items that have a soft, delicate, lightness to them. Grab that floral lace dress you loved so much this spring and pair it with a letter man inspired jacket.

Find boyish jackets that are structured, heavy, edgy. In my opinion pairing these two together makes you look like you get fashion. I love seeing a woman in a ladylike dress or skirt and a heavy rockin “dude-like” jacket. Go rock it up ladies!

Find a similar look here with these girly items and boyish items:

Girly skirts:

Boyish jackets:

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