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Hint of Lavender

Kid’s Mosaic Craft

We are still experiencing social distancing and I’m trying my hardest to keep my boys busy. I am constantly on Pinterest looking for different ideas and things to do. I didn’t get this idea from Pinterest I actually got it from a craft I did last year. I took paint samples and cut them into small pieces and made this wonderful mosaic.

Last week I was in my office working and I looked up and saw this hanging there right in front of my face. I sat back in my chair and reminisced on how fun that project was. “Light blub!” The idea hit me. Recreate this project for the kids.

That morning, I collected all the supplies and rounded up the boys around the kitchen table. We started out with a discussion about mosaics. I showed them several picture of different mosaics and explained that mosaics can be made out of many different types of material. After our “lesson,” I handed each kid a pair a kid-friendly scissors and the colorful foam and asked them to start cutting everything in to quarter size pieces. Each kid got a cupcake tin that they sorted the colored pieces into.

Once the foam cutting was done I asked each kid what they wanted their mosaic to be. One chose a lion in a jungle and the other a butterfly. I drew those item on oversized pieces of paper and wrote the first letter of each color in the areas where they should glue the foam pieces.

What You’ll Need

Colored pieces of paper
Oversized sheets of paper

The boys had the time of their life gluing on those foam pieces and when they were finished they were so proud they wanted to hand them on their bedroom door. They had fun and I felt like the mother-of-the-year for a brief moment.

I hope you all enjoy this fun kid craft and I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

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