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Kid’s Christmas Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve read my Bad Mom and No Perfect Christmas Home article, then you know I was struggling to get my house decorated for Christmas this year. As I was going through the totes I realized I needed to occupy my boys. Enter the Christmas scavenger hunt. As I decorated, I kept asking them to find different things in the tote; a santa, something red, etc. Once they grabbed the right item, we would cheer and then I’d come up with another item to find.

As the days went on, I realized this was very helpful in occupying my boys; however I wasn’t completely present because I was attempting to decorate as they played the game. So I created this printable scavenger hunt to play with my boys. They loved it. Together we would read the list and I’d help guide them in the right direction if they got stumped on something.

I hope you have fun finding Christmas items around your house. Here is the Christmas scavenger hunt printable so you can play with your kids. Enjoy!

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