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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

Take a breath. You’ve got this. You are going to make your kid’s birthday party epic this year. I am here to help you. I want to provide you with all the hints I use when I execute either of my son’s birthday parties. Do you remember the Batman Birthday Party? The method I’m about to share with you is how I pulled off the Batman party. The three rules of thumb are color scheme, party fare, and activities. Let me give you some more detail to these hints. FYI Down at the bottom is the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist you will want to download that for sure because it will help you stay sane during this entire process.

Hint 1. Three Color Rule

You’ve asked your kid what kind of a party he or she wants. Now pick three colors that complement that theme. For the Batman party, I went with black, blue, and yellow. Ironman: Red, yellow, and gold. Darth Vadar Starwars: Black, white, and red. Baby Motorcycle-riding Yoda: Lime green, white and black. Yes, this is the party my son wanted for his fourth birthday.

I want to share with you’re the color code that I follow for just about everything I design; a table setting, a space in my house, and like today for a party. You have your primary, secondary, and tertiary color and here is how to utilize those colors. The primary color is the main accent color you want to incorporate the most into the space. The idea is that this color is placed in multiple areas and across multiple items throughout the space. For the Baby Motorcycle-riding Yoda party, I knew that lime green was the primary color. We used lime green table cloths on all the tables, put lime green Yoda-head paper lanterns, and had some lime green pattern flags throughout the space.

The second color is much like the primary color only scaled down slightly. For Baby Motorcycle-riding Yoda, the secondary color was white. I hung white and green flag banners around the gathering space in my home. The last color is the color least used but is used still consistently throughout the space. Again sticking to the Baby Motorcycle-riding Yoda party, I include black in the lime green and white balloons, used black favor bags, and lined the eating table in black paper. I hope this helps you see how to use the color code effectively. I promise if you can stick to this code your party will look put together. People will wonder if you hired a party planner.

Hint 2. Food

A few years ago I did a blog post Fun and Easy Kid’s Halloween Party. I created Frankenstein pudding cups, ghost milks, pumpkin oranges, and mummy hotdogs. The fare was very festive. You can check out this Pinterest board for some kid party food ideas.

For this motorcycle riding Yoda party I wrapped juice boxes with Yoda Soda labels and cups filled with peanut butter and celery for Yoda Fingers. I was very grateful for my graphic design skills during the perp fo this birthday party for sure. If you don’t want to go to the trouble, keep it simple with pizza, a veggie tray or two, juice boxes, a cake or cupcakes, and ice cream.

Hint 3. Games and Activities

Every birthday party I’ve produced for my boys we had a piñata. This such an easy game because all you have to do is fill it with candy and small toys, hang it up and grab a stick or a bat. This tradition has become one of my boys’ favorite birthday activities.

My boys also really like scavenger hunts. I’ve done a Super Hero and Starwars for my boys and Find the Unicorn for a friend of mine. You can download one of these pdfs. Cut out the items or characters on the second page and with tape, you hide them throughout your house or yard. Then go through the map with the kids and give them hints as to where the items are hidden. If you have an idea and need me to whip one up for you DM. I’d be happy to help you out.

Another easy activity is coloring. I will google coloring characters for whatever the party theme is and print a bunch out. I have a table ready with the coloring pages and crayons. This is a great activity for when the guest first arrives because the kids go right to it and you can chat with the parent(s).

Don’t forget the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist

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