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Kid Clothes

No one prepares you for the kid clothes chaotic run around. In other words keeping you kids clothes in order and well your kids clothed in general is exhausting. When Liam was a baby I was able to prepare for baby #2 by storing our baby clothes in totes. I would keep a tote in the bottom of Liam’s closet and as he grew out of a new born item I’d throw it in the bin. I continued to do this with the 0-3 months stuff and once the tote was full I tipped it over and reloaded the tote so that the new born stuff was on top. It came in very handy when Jaxson came along. All the new born stuff was on top and has he grew I could go to the tote and have just what I needed.

As Jaxson has grown and now is in 12-months stuff, I get them confused with Liam’s clothes all the time. I put 12-month shorts on Liam once and didn’t even realize it until he told me his waist hurt. I totally earned mother of the year that morning.

I must say I do tend to get them in clothes that match. I’ll grab a red shirt and red socks etc. Well Thomas on the other hand is so cute when it comes to dressing the boys. He dressed the boys a few Saturdays ago and was so proud of it. When I saw Liam for the first time that day I said, “Wahoo kid! You got one snazzy outfit on.” Thomas heard me talking to Liam and came up so proud and said, “I know right. You’re outfit is so cool hun little man.” Can I just tell you? Liam was wearing a multi-colored blue stripped tank, with bright orange shorts, neon green socks, and a red and black hat.

I have to admit it was so cute how proud Thomas was. And really when it comes down to it, who cares what your kids are clothed in as long they are clothed? Right?

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