Job Interview? Don’t Sweat It

written by Katie McMinn July 3, 2016

For some people job interviews can be a scary and stressful thing. Make the interview process a little easier but being prepared ahead of time. I’ve compiled a few hints you need to know as you prepare for that job interview.

Hint 1. Be prepared with the basics.

Find out the basic information before the interview and confirm the details. Call the person who scheduled the interview and ask:
Who will be doing the interview?
What is the dress code? I suggest dress better than he or she suggests.

You also want to:
Confirm the date and time for the interview.
Get directions to the office. Remember to leave early, you don’t want to be late.

Hint 2. Get to know the company.

If you haven’t googled the company yet it’s time to. Get on the company’s website and get familiar with the basic, e.g. What does the company offer? How does the company offer that product or service to the public?

Hint 3. Get to know you…and your skillset.

This is time to talk about yourself, if that makes you uncomfortable focus on your work experience and your knowledge. You’ve just researched the company and know what they do. Now think about what skillsets you have that compliments the type of work the company does. Be prepared with specific examples of work you’ve completed and talk about how you executed the work.

Remember: Employers want to know what skillsets you can bring to the table and how that differs from current staff members.

Hint 4. Ask a question or two.

Write down a list of questions you want to know about the job and the company. I’m sure you can come up with more than just one. What is the work schedule? Will you be working with a team on most projects? What is the team dynamic? What time off will you be getting? Are you expected to work overtime?

Interview Worksheet

I wanted to give you all a worksheet that you can use to help you prepare for your interview and take with you to your interview to help keep you on track.

Best advice I can give is be yourself. Most employers, along with skillset and expertise, look for personalities that mesh well with the current staff. You don’t want to be fake during an interview and then get stuck in a job where you don’t fit in. With that said, be yourself but the “professional” version of yourself.

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