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Hint of Lavender

How to Rock the Crop

Crop tops of the millennia are not the same as the crops of the 90s. Yes I rocked the 90s crop top and I’m rockin the millennia. Crop tops can be tricky though. Here are a few hints I remember when I’m wanting to rock the crop.

Hint 1. Layers.

Wear the crop with other items. High-waisted shorts and a plaid button up. Start with the plaid on top unbuttoned of course so we can see the crop. Then when you get hot, take if off and tie it around your waist. Short and plaid a little too cowgirl for ya? Pair your crop with a flowy skirt and kimono.

Hint 2. The Higher the Waist

The higher the waist may not take you closer to God, but it will make you look chic. Wearing a crop top with anything high-waisted (skirt, shorts, pants) is the way to pull off the crop while still looking put together. My rule of thumb is…a thumb. The space between the bottom of my crop and the top of my high-waisted (whatever) should be about the length of my thumb. Just call my thumb-a-kate.

Hint 3. Confidence

Really the rule to rocking any article of clothing is feeling confident. You are beautiful in your own skin. You can rock a freaking crop top because you are a woman and you are magnificent. Rock the crop your own way.

If you are looking for a crop tops here are a few I recommend.

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