Hint of Lavender

How to Make Custom Balloons

I am a firm believer that balloons are the most effective way to make a space feel like a celebration. They are super affordable, so go buck wild. Now for your celebration you may not use my paper tableware, but if you are a complete Rockstar then you’ve already ordered your tableware and now you want to create these beautiful balloons to match.

Of course, you can customize your balloons to anything you are incorporating into your event. Maybe you’re inspired by the invitations or signage you plan to use. Great! Customize your balloons to those things that you love.

In the post and in the video tutorial I am sharing techniques that can be used to create any sort of custom balloons. Take each technique and adapt it to create something you love.

Instead of writing out all the techniques for each custom balloon style, I’ve created a tutorial so you can simply follow along. Please share your custom balloons with me, tag hintoflavender or mention hint_of_lavender (IG) Hint of Lavender (FB). I want to see what amazing ideas you come up with.

I hope the idea of creating custom balloons excites you and inspires you to gather the people you love in your home.

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