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Pink Blush Maxi Dress

Home to Date Maxi Dress

You may or may not have fallen into the trend of the ever flowing maxi dress. I have been a fan for while now. I wore all kinds of beautiful maxi dresses all throughout both of my pregnancies, which were the last two summers. And this summer; as I am baby cooking and breastfeeding free, I am still loving the relax comfy fit of the maxi dress.

If you haven’t got a maxi dress yet, it is officially time to and here is why. I go from chilling in the backyard with my boys to a date night with Thomas all in my maxi dress. I’m nice and relaxed just hanging around the house and five minutes later I’m feeling beautiful and put together holding Thomas’ hand while we walk to the restaurant.

I go from home to event by:
1. Running coconut serum through my hair.
2. Touching up my makeup.
3. Adding a belt.
4. Adding accessories.
5. Adding a fun pair of cute shoes.

Pink Blush

I wore this maxi dress from Pink Blush up to Utah’s Oktoberfest. We had a fun filled evening of dancing, bratwurst and the great outdoors. It was a fun evening and a fun break from our regular routine. Sometimes I feel like my day is so busy. It helps to know that I can run around and do whatever I need to, in whatever I’m wearing; which brings me back to the maxi dress. I’m giving a big thumbs up to maxi dresses. Us moms run around and have the busiest schedules. If you want to stay cool throughout the entire day wear a maxi dress and either dress is up (evening style aka Oktoberfest) or down (chilling with the kids).


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