Holidays, Birthdays, and New Year…Oh My

written by Katie McMinn January 31, 2018

This year, the holidays knocked me out. I’m still trying to recover. Jaxson’s birthday is mid-January and I’m recovering from that too. Everyone says that kids grow up too fast. I didn’t appreciate that statement until now. I hate that my baby is two years old. I love watching him grow bigger, learn new things, and develop new skills; but I also want him to be 2 months old again. I want to hold him in arms for hours and not fill like my arms are going to die within the first two minutes.

With the new year started, I am once again reminded that time is going too fast and that I need to pause, live in the moment, and enjoy my boys. In this episode of parental confessions we’re talking about the stress from the holidays, how I have to pull myself together during my kid’s birthdays, and how the new year keep things into perspective for us. These are our confessions. How do you relate?
Partental confessions from the cutest couple

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