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Hint of Lavender

Holiday Pull Through Braid

Last year, the holiday hairstyle I shared with you was the wide part 1940’s curl. I love that look and I also love this year’s holiday hairstyle which is all about the pull thorough braid. If you saw my Three Hints to Wearing a Jumpsuit in the Fall, then you saw the pull through braid and was sporting then. I found that hairstyle on Pinterest and a lot you readers asked about a tutorial.

Not only is this hairstyle elegant, it is easy to do. In the jumpsuit post I left it as a ponytail, but I this tutorial I’ve pulled it up and tucked the end of the ponytail at the base of my neck and it looks so sophisticated. You will look like you went and had your hair done at the salon, when in reality you did it in under 30 minutes. Below I have the YouTube video. But before we get there I want to tell you why I love this hairstyle.

I hope you try out the pull though ponytail. I’d love to hear if you left it as a ponytail or pinned it up. I want to see your pics. DM or tag me on Facebook or Instagram .

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