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Holiday Mayhem Mini Day

During this festive time of year, it seems like your list somehow gets bigger. Thomas introduced me to this time-management method that we call Mini Days. I’m not sure where he got this method but I think it can be very helpful. This method was intended for a workplace environment, but I like to implement it at home. This method helps us gets our chores, errands, and tasks done. Basically what you do is create “mini-days” for all the things you need to complete throughout the day.


How to Create Your Mini Day

Step 1:

Map out your day. Take about 5 minutes first thing in the morning to write a list of everything you need to get done.

Step 2:

Categorize your tasks. Take your list and on another piece of paper put the tasks into categories. For example, you may have gifts “Santa” needs to wrap, gift baskets for the neighbors, personalize gifts you’re your parents and parent-in-laws. Those tasks could go under the Presents category.

Step 3:

Set your mini day. Take your categories and determine the amount of time you need for each item. Create a mini-day. Mini-day #1 Presents from 10-1, mini-day #2 Treats from 1-2 and so on. Stick to the schedule. When 1 pm rolls around you are done with the presents. Move onto to your next mini-day.

It will help to focus your attention on tasks that are similar in nature. This way you are putting all your effort in one place and getting a lot accomplished. You may think, “why waste time writing a list, and then putting it into a schedule?” Please just try it. I find having a list with things to check off and a schedule I stick to, makes it so I’m not overwhelmed by my mayhem of holiday tasks.

Helpful Hint:

Stick to the mini-day schedule.

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