Happy Birthday “You Time”

written by Katie McMinn February 26, 2016

On my 12th birthday I had quite the experience. After all the birthday festivities I was getting ready for bed. I had my turning 12 freak out about getting older and getting that much closer to moving out and leaving my dad. As a tween, the thought of an approaching life change that huge pretty much brought me to my knees. I remember that night well, my dad knocked on the door and the second he saw me he scooped me up in his arms and all I could say between the tears was, “ I love you so much dad. And I don’t want to get older because then I’ll have to move out and I won’t be with you everyday.” Heaven help my father. I was an emotional child.


I’ve never done well with change. I’m not sure anyone does. This year as my birthday approached, I couldn’t help but reflect on my life and the big changes that have occurred. Becoming a mother has been the best thing I have ever experienced. I am so happy that I am able to enjoy this time; however, every parent knows that no matter how much love you have your kiddos there are times when you need so “you time.”


Something I need you all to hear is that IT IS OK TO TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF. Self-care is how we stay sane, how we remain being that fun rock star mother we all hope to be. Since high school I have always taken my birthday as a day to do whatever I feel like doing. I have never worked on my birthday and be assured my co-workers always hassled me about taking the day off. I think we all deserve at least one day out of the year to just be a person, not a wife, a mother, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, etc.


This year I have no idea how the day will pan out, but whatever I do I know I will do it guilt-free. I will recharge and reconnect with who I am; so the days to follow my birthday I will be a better wife, mother, sibling, friend, co-worker etc.

Helpful Hint:

Take care of yourself every once in awhile and on your birthday…take the day off!


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