Halloween with Kids

written by Katie McMinn October 31, 2017

I love Halloween more now that I have kids. Don’t get me wrong I liked it before, but I’m having more fun with the kiddos. It’s interesting how much Halloween has changed now that I’m a parent; not just my enjoyment level but for example trick-or-treating. It is different now. Kids don’t go door-to-door anymore. Now there are trunk-or-treats, and shop-or-treats, and community events like our city’s Monster Mash. There are so many more things you can go do besides collecting candy from your neighbors. In addition to the kid’s Halloween party we did earlier this month, we have a shop-or-treat, costume parade, the Monster Mash and then actual Halloween night. That is a lots of stuff. Our Halloween season has somehow morphed into a mini version of Christmas. I am bad around Christmas I drag Thomas to at least two events each week from Thanksgiving to New Years. The kids have a blast and I guess that’s a plus! Lol

As the boys get older I start to worry about different things. This year I’m worried about all the Halloween candy. I want my kids to enjoy it, but I don’t want one of them to be like me and eat themselves sick. If you haven’t heard that story watch last year’s Halloween Parental Confession. I may have to protect my kids by eating at least 50% of their candy. Too much? Ok maybe just 35%. Let’s cross our fingers my children survive.

Dressing up is my favorite thing so naturally I love this holiday. We started our family in a wonderful garden filled with gnomes. Well technically one gnome, I was the gnome training facility (I had Jax in my belly at the time) and Thomas was the gardener. See more pic here.

Then we blasted through the air in our 7-47, well Maverick and Goose did. Thomas and I stayed grounded as the flight instructors. See more pic here.

This year I wish you all a very happy and healthy (watch the candy you all) Halloween!

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