Halloween Kid Game Hacks

written by Katie McMinn October 20, 2016
Halloween Hacks

I am always looking for ways to entertain my boys. With the weather starting to cool and the sun setting later and later these days, I find my family inner doors more. I know totally boo to that. But playing indoors can be fun. I came up with three fun Halloween activities that will entertain your little ones inside where it’s nice and warm and lit.

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Find the Halloween Characters here!

Halloween Kid Game 1.Coloring mash.

Have fun coloring the Halloween characters.

Halloween Kid Game 2. Stomp out the character.

Tape the full page characters onto the floor. Use the smaller (six-page) characters as cards. Your kid picks a card and then has to run over to the character and stomp on it.

Halloween Kid Game 3. Candy corn cup.

Cut out three of the smaller (six-page) characters and tape one character onto a paper cup. Place a candy corn under one and move the cups around. Have you kid choose one character at a time until he or she finds the candy corn.

Halloween Kid Game 4. Memory plates.

Cut out the remaining smaller (six-page) characters and tape them to paper plates. Show your child each character and then flip over the plates. See how many characters your child can find.

Helpful Hint:

Just keep playing until your kid gets bored or passes out. Happy Halloween.

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