Hints to Help You Decorate for Halloween

written by Katie McMinn October 5, 2015

I love Halloween as much as the next witch; however like most holidays the idea of decorating makes me tired. As I was getting out the Halloween storage bins I said to myself, “How am I going to do this with a one-year-old?” We started to get out the spooky spectacle and I allowed Liam to touch every item. We danced with the Thriller Frankenstein, hugged the soft stuffed mad science and played with a variety of pumpkins. The more we played the more Liam lost interest, at which point he retreated to his play area. With Liam occupied I look around my house and looked at the wide array of Halloween “stuff” I had scattered on the floor. Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of this task, I began piling items on the floor. Decor I wanted to display together I placed in piles on the kitchen counter, items I didn’t want to display this year I placed back into the storage bins.

To make this task feel less tedious, I decided to focus on three area of the house: the front door, the kitchen nook and the TV storage unit. Immediately I got excited, as I put a beautiful black table cloth on the kitchen table and started places pumpkins in a pleasing fashion. I had a beautiful wreath that I made several years ago that was placed above the window with a ‘treat-or-trick’ sign. As I stepped by to admired my work Thomas came up and hugged me from behind say I was the new and much cuter Martha Stewart. He totally got point for that comment.

Really the holidays are about having fun and while I am happy with how my house looks, the best part of decorating with watching Liam play with all the décor. Remember all that matters is having fun with a fam-bam don’t let the stress of decorating and being a regular Martha Stewart bog you down.

Helpful Hint:

Focus on 1-3 areas and add fun décor there; don’t worry about the entire house.

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