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Hint of Lavender

Guide to Fall Entertaining in Your Backyard

I don’t want to stop entertaining outside just because the weather is getting cooler. In fact, I love being outside when there is a crisp chill in the air. I wanted this space to feel so inviting and make me smile every time I went outside. I went with a black, white, and yellow color scheme. I was truly inspired by the yellow flower pillow. I’ve come up with my guide of things to keep in mind if you want to still entertain in the backyard during the fall.

1. Comfy cozy.

Think about adding soft furnishings to your outdoor space, some plush pillows or a fuzzy blanket. Soft furnishings make it feel like you’re indoors and will have your guest feeling warm and comfortable. In addition, if a cool front blows in you and your guest can all wrap up in a blanket to keep the chills at bay.

2. Fire if ya got it.

We purchased an outdoor fireplace towards the end of summer because we wanted to keep enjoying our back patio clear into October. We decided on a mid-range size to fit our space the best. I also wanted a tabletop, so our guests would have a spot to place their drinks or plates. Also, I can place a huge plate of pumpkins on it as well. When we want to light up the fire, I move the plate and brown lid, turn on the propane, and push the ignite button. Instant warmth.

3. Light it up.

It starts to get darker earlier now so outdoor lighting is necessary this time of year. We strung up two strands of lights that go from the door to our tree, and back to the house. It hangs over the entire patio and provides the perfect amount of light. For some ambient lighting, I found an amazing birdcage like lamp for our back patio. Yes, it’s a lamp and it’s solar-powered. Win, win for sure. Anytime I find solar-powered lighting that I like I snatch them up.

4. Keeping the bugs away in style.

I light off candles at all corners of our outdoor space. You can keep your space looking stylish by places all those unattractive looking candles into planter pots. I found these beautiful white and rose gold pots at At Home and love them. Also, an added bounce when it gets dark the candles create a beautiful pattern in the pots which is so relaxing to look at.
Also, store your matches for those of candles in a fun container like this metal sugar box. Keep the matches dry, hides them from the kiddos, and once again keeps the space looking stylish.

Hope this guide helps you rethink your outdoor space for the fall and inspires you to gather the people you love in your home.

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