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Hint of Lavender

Gourmet S’mores

Growing up I would spend Labor Day weekend with my family camping. I would get completely dirty head-to-toe exploring through the mountain trails. Camping was one of the few times my parents would let us have soda, which was a pure treat. I remember building forts out of sticks and laying down on a bed of forest leaves. I loved it so much in fact. I remember one year slightly crying as I looked at the window as my dad drove us back home.

I don’t know about you, but camping is not camping without s’mores. Thomas and I took the boys camping a couple of weeks ago up at our sister-in-law’s property. While we were up there, we of course, busted out a s’mores spread and as we roasted our marshmallows, my sister-in-law announced that it was our niece’s first s’mores! I was happy to be there for her first s’more. She enjoyed the chocolate-gooey goodness.

In honor of Labor Day and my childhood camping memories, I’ve put together a little s’mores bar. Whatever your fancy; chocolate chip, raspberry coconut, or caramel butterscotch, there is a s’more combo for you.

Chocolate chip smores

Strawberry smores

Caramel Buttersctoch smores

Raspberry coconut smores

Caramel chocolate chip smores

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