Hint of Lavender

Gold and White Thanksgiving Cornucopia

It’s that time of year where I bust out my cornucopia and come up with a design concept that I love. The first cornucopia I shared with you all, I used flowers from a local shop and the second I found plants and such that were growing in my neighborhood. This year I wanted to do something different. I wanted to use more pumpkins this year and was inspired by pinecones. The question was, “What florals do I use?”

As I was collecting my pumpkins and pinecones I realized there was a clear color scheme arising. Once I discovered the beautiful white and gold theme it became clear to me. Paper floral sprigs! Now these particular sprigs are from a floral arrangement I have every year in my entrance way during the Christmas Season.

I found the floral sprigs in the Christmas season in my storage room and happily walked upstairs with my arms full of white and gold goodness.

Now to make this cornucopia, you can you use the same techniques as a florist would when making a flower arrangement. If you need a good tutorial watch the How to Arrange Flowers Like A Pro video.

Here are the basics. Place the sprigs around the bottom and outer perimeter of the cornucopia. Place a large item, like a pumpkin, in the center and then add the smaller items around it until the cornucopia is full. You may have to adjust the springs a bit until they lay nicely.

Add some sprigs to your table and lay fairy lights around the sprigs. Place your beautiful cornucopia in the center and add the pumpkins and pinecones where you feel they look good.

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