Glow Away Wrinkles

written by Katie McMinn May 3, 2016

I wish we could click our heels, repeat go away wrinkles and poof…nice glowing wrinkle free skin. With that said I do think a few wrinkles here and there give us a mature character. Now with that said, we all want to stay looking and feeling our best. If wrinkles got you feeling blue, here are some tips to help you turn that blue a little more gold.

Most women wash their face in the morning and at night if you want nice glowly skin you need to do more than clean regularly.


Helpful Hints:

1. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Exfolianting your skin a few times a week will really make a difference. If you read my New Year’s Resolution for Your Face, then you know I like Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate and Mario Badescu’s Kiwi Face Srucb. If you want to use something you have around the house, try baking soda and coconut oil. Put a dime size of coconut oil in your hand and add about a teaspoon of baking soda. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

2. Get some oxygen.

I don’t mean take a few deep breaths. Many skincare lines have products that deliver oxygen to your skin. I love Modere Infusion. In just five minutes you skin is bubbly fresh and breathing easy.

3. Savor your serums.

You will be surprised at what these puppies do. I’m kinda addicted to serums at the moment. I’ve been using, again Modere Defense and Honua Youth Serum and Honua Olena oil. The Modere Defense is nice and light. It has a superbotancial complex that nourishes your skin. I love the Honua Youth Serum because it smells like heaven…and Hawaii. The Honua Olena oil is a blend of plants that leave your skin feeling refreshed and yet I say glowing.

4. Protect from the sun.

I always wear sunscreen. I have three products that I wear daily that have SPF 15 or higher. I want to make sure every inch of my face is protected. One product in particular that I started using is Cocobee Sunscreen and I LOVE it. It is the lightest and best smelling sunscreen I have come across.


Play around with a mixture of brand products, the products I recommended and the things you have around the house. I hope you find a regiment that works for you. One that leaves your skin glowing and your soul radiant.

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