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Girl’s Winter Night-In Cocktail

There are people who find it difficult to get together during the winter season. I get it, there are times I’ve scheduled a gathering at my home, I get my friends and family are on board, and as the day of the gathering approaches, I’m just not feeling it. Again, I get it. Winter can be rough for some people. On the other hand, there are people who over-schedule gatherings in winter to keep their minds and hearts light and happy during the long dark wintery days.
If you are finding yourself in the latter camp this post is for you. I’ve got my Girl’s Winter Night In cocktail and quick and easy snack options below.

Girl’s Winter Night In Cocktail Recipe


2 cups water
2 cups sugar
10-20 blackberries
2 rosemary sprigs one for each cocktail


Make a blackberry and rosemary simple syrup by boiling water, sugar, 2 rosemary sprigs, and a handful of blackberries. Once the mix comes to a boil, lower the heat to medium for 5 minutes. Muddle the blackberries and rosemary just a bit, set aside and cool to room temperature. Once the simple syrup is cool, fill a glass with ice. Add 1 oz of simple syrup and fill the glass with prosecco. Garish with a blackberry and rosemary sprig.

Ok you’ve got your cocktail. I suggest you make the simple syrup the morning of or the night before your gathering. FYI you can store it in the frig for up to a week. Now onto the food. I say keep it simple, grab a few bags of chips or crackers, some cheese blocks, maybe a package of cookies. I’m telling ya, don’t sweat the food because your girlfriends are going to bring stuff.

To ensure they do in fact bring something to share, I send out my text invite with what drink I’m making and snack I will provide in addition to the date and time of the gathering. My girls always text back asking what they can bring. Just to be safe, you can ask your girls to bring a snack that compliments the menu. It’s that easy.

I hope this inspires you to gather your girlfriends around you in order to enjoy them and some great conversation during one of these winter nights.

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