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Hint of Lavender

Get in a Sexy State of Mind

During this month it’s easy to get sucked into the idea of needing to be this perfect Victoria’s Secret model in order to “connect” with your hubby. While I got nothing against those gorgeous, tall, long-legged, dewy skinned, perfectly curl-haired, phenomenal bodied…a hem. Where was I? Nothing against those beautiful Vickie models, I am well aware that I am not one.

What I am is a real, un-touched-up female who loves to feel sexy when she wants to feel sexy. Here ladies and gentlemen is my point. I want to FEEL sexy. Like New York, sexy is a state of mind. You can feel sexy in a t-shirt and jeans or your slippers and glasses.

State of Mind2

The hint to feeling sexy is to believe you are sexy no matter what you are wearing, no matter what your hair looks like, whether you have makeup on or not. Tell yourself you feel sexy and you look sexy because damn it you are sexy. Being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest thing you can be and feel.

Next time you’re worried about feeling sexy; stop thinking about having on the perfect push-up bra, your lipstick smudging or your hair looking perfect. Just tell yourself you look sexy just the way you are. You will be surprised how good this will make you feel. And let’s be honest, most men don’t notice if your boobs are perfectly placed, your lipstick is smudged or that your hair is not how you wanted it. Stop worrying about the way you look and focus on the way you feel.

State of Mind3

Helpful Hint:

Tell yourself, not only you are sexy in “Sexy Little Things”…you are also sexy in your favorite t-shirt and jeans.

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