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Fun and Easy Kid’s Halloween Party

This is not the ultimate Halloween party guide, this article is for all you parents out there who decided last minute to throw a fun and easy Halloween kids party. Don’t worry about all the details of things. The way your house looks right now is perfect. If you have no Halloween decorations buy a few pumpkins at the grocery store and place them either out on our front porch or on kitchen table. My number one rule for this easy Halloween party to work is to only invite 3-5 kids, if you want more than that give yourself a couple days to prepare. Keep reading and you will find three easy Halloween treats you can make, that don’t take a ton of effort. You will also find three easy Halloween games you can play with your kids and their friends. Keep in mind my kids are toddlers, Jax is 20 months and Liam just turned three; so this party will feature simple food that toddlers will enjoy and games that toddlers will find enjoyable.

3 Easy Halloween Treats

Easy Halloween Treat 1. Yogurt Ghosts

Buy a carton of mini yogurts. Remove the label and with a sharpie marker draw a ghost face.

Easy Halloween Treat 2. Pumpkin Mandarins

With that same sharpie marker draw pumpkin faces on mandarin oranges.

Easy Halloween Treat 3. Frankenstein Puddings

This is the treat that takes the most effort. Buy pudding cups and once again using that sharpie marker draw a Frankenstein face. Remove the top tin foil lid and add a little green food coloring. Crumble some Oreos on top and vow la.

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3 Easy Halloween Games

Easy Halloween Game 1. Find the Spiders and Rats

Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of big plastic spiders and rats. Hide them around the house and let the kids go wild. I did add Halloween color ribbons to each spider and rat, then assigned each kid a color. Each child could only collect the spiders and rats that adorned their color of ribbon. This is an easy way to ensure the kids don’t play to rough and each kids gets to collect the same amount.

Easy Halloween Game 2. What’s in the Pumpkin

This is the game that takes a the most prep time. I had four kids coming to our party so I made my what’s in the pumpkin game with 16 paper bowls, four bowl for each kid. Take the bowls and with a push pin attached them to a piece of card board or a big cardboard box in the shape of a pumpkin. Place a treat or a surprise (I used little boxes of sticker from the dollar store) and place one in each bowl. Then cover each bowl with a piece of orange tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. Once it’s time for this game have the kids take turns punching through the tissue paper and grabbing their surprise.

Easy Halloween Game 3. Halloween Craft

I went to the dollar store and bought some foam sheets, foam stickers, a glue stick and box of markers. After the kids have played the What’s in the Pumpkin game, they can use their stickers to do this fun craft. Each kid gets a foam sheet then show them the other foam stickers and markers and sit back and watch what they create. Don’t want to go to the store as long as you have some markers or crayons you’re in luck. Here is a download for a FREE Halloween characters printable.

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