Framed Chaos Replaced with a Balanced Box

written by Katie McMinn March 10, 2017
gold frames, white frames

I love me some photo galleries. I have three in my house. If you remember the Color Code Décor post then you remember the wonderful gallery we have in our spit entrance entryway. If you remember the Light Up the Bedroom post then you may recall the gallery above our bed. My last gallery is in the kitchen and it was driving me nuts.

This gallery is special to me because it photos of the people that we love, but it needed a major overhaul. Most of the photos were outdated, or were photos that I did not really like of the people I loved. For example, our friends the Edgington’s. I had a photo of Jana and Dave aka Mom and Dad and then a photo of the kids. I wanted one photo of the entire family. Jana did not have a recent photo to send me. Yes, her and I are going to remedy that soon. One morning our families met up for Sunday breakfast. I drilled sergeant-ed the Edgington’s into position to take a pic.

This family photo spiraled me into changing up my kitchen photo gallery. I got replacement all the photos I wanted replaced, and one Saturday morning I took all the frames off the wall and rearranged them in several ways. I settled on this square placement. I put Liam and Jaxson in the big frame and then framed that frame with all the other smaller frames that housed photos of all the other people we love, the Edgington’s, a few other friends, our parents and our extended family.

If you’ve wanted to display family photos in a fun and creative way put frames within frames! There is really no rhyme or reason to displaying a gallery. Here are some things to concern and hints that I did that helped me out a ton.

Helpful Hints

1. Stick to one shape. All my frames are rectangle. You can mix rectangles with square and circle, and other shape frames, but I find it difficult to arrange them in a way that is harmonious and doesn’t drive my nuts.

2. Stick to a color scheme. The other galleries I have in my house are black frames, this gallery I switched up with gold and white, but I won’t combine more than two colors of frames.

3. Arrange the frames on your floor and arrange them there until you find what you like. It’s much easier to move things around on the floor versus putting holes all over your wall. Yes, I learned this the hard way with my first gallery. Mama had to mud all those holes and touch up the paint. No fun.

I hope you have fun displaying a gallery of your favorite photos. Below I’ve provided some recommendations I have for frames. Good luck! Share some photos with me, I’d love to see them. IM me your pics on Facebook or Instagram.

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