Hint of Lavender

Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I thoroughly enjoy decorating this time of year. It really starts in September, when I get all my pumpkins, leaves, and wreaths out. Did you see my very own pumpkin patch? Follow on Instagram so you don’t miss it next year. About a month after the patch has grown wild in my kitchen, everything morphs into hauntingly, ghoulish delights. Come November, our house is back to beautiful pumpkins and golden colors.

As I mentally prepare our big Thanksgiving dinner, I also think about the overall presence of our table. The table needs to be festive, inviting, warm, and beautiful. This year, it is all about the cornucopia. I remember my mother getting out a cornucopia every year around Thanksgiving. I’ve wanted to keep this tradition going within my own family, so this year when I came across a cornucopia at Michael’s, I quickly snatched it up and tossed it into the shopping cart.

Not sure what to do with a cornucopia? This tutorial will help.

Here’s what I think. Go purchase an array of beautiful flowers. Flowers that make you feel happy. Take an empty two-liter bottle. Cut a hole in the bottle and fill it with water. Stick your beautiful flowers (that make you feel happy) in the hole. Place the beautiful flowered filled two-liter bottle in the cornucopia and call it a day. Need a bit more detail on those instructions? Watch the view.

I hope you have fun making a beautiful center piece for your Thanksgiving table. If you don’t have a cornucopia, don’t sweat it. Throw those beautiful flowers in a water filled vase and call it a day. Happy Thanksgiving you lovely ladies.

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