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Hint of Lavender

Flamingos on the Beach

I am so excited to be partnering with my friend Sarah of Sarah Ruth’s Bakery on a very fun project. We are starting an IG Live series called Cookies and Cocktails. We mix up a cocktail and bake or decorate some cookies. Basically, it’s a reason for us to get drunk and bake together, even though we live on opposite ends of the country. Sarah lives in New Jersey. We met at a marketing conference in 2018 and have remained friends. When I wanted to promote The Gathering Cards, I had asked Sarah about doing an IG Live together where we’d play the cards. Just like our friendship has flourished, this simple marketing tactic flourished into a totally amazing IG Live Series.

I hope you join us on August 20th for our first episode, where we will be making this end of summer take on a sex on the beach. Get the name…flamingo on the beach. Don’t ask me what flamingos have to do with the end of summer, but they totally have a summer vibe and we are hanging onto the summer for as long as we can.


1 ½ vodka
1 oz peach schnapps
4 oz pink lemonade
2 oz cranberry juice
Lemon wedge


Fill a glass with ice. Add vodka and peach schnapps. Add pink lemonade and cranberry juice. Garish with a lemon wedge.

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