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Hint of Lavender

Five Minute Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home. We do everything there. I have also noticed Thomas is more on edge when the kitchen is messy (with dishes in the sink, papers on the counter, and sticky…whatever where the boys just ate their dinner). I love that I’m married to a man that likes and helps me keep a clean household. When Thomas is acting stressed the second thing I ask myself is, “How clean in the kitchen?” What’s the first question you ask? It’s “Thomas, when did you last eat? And what did you have?” Like most human beings my hubby gets hangry. Back to the house cleaning.

Since Thomas and I have had the boys we have embraced a new saying. “The house doesn’t have to be clean, it just has to be livable.” This little 5-minute kitchen clean routine is something I do almost every night after the boys are asleep. Sometimes Thomas and I will do it together, sometimes we fly it solo.

Hints to the 5-minute Kitchen Clean

Hint 1: Clean the dishes.

Whatever is sitting in your kitchen sink wash em and get them in the dishwasher. We mostly tend to do this after dinner but how things magically appear in there somehow. From after dinner to bedtime it somehow collects, cups, spoons, and the occasionally toy ball.

Hint 2: Clear the counters.

Put everything that is laying around on the countertops and put it all away. We always have papers, sippy cups, electronics on our kitchen counter. Take a minute to clear all that stuff away.

Hint 3: Wipe down the counters.

Whatever cleaner you like to use; disinfectant wipes, natural vinegar cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, get it out and start scrubbing. The fast you do it the more calories you lose.

Hint 4: Mop the floors.

I love my swifter mop. It makes mopping the floor so quick and easy. Plus I really like the Frebreeze swifter pads they leave the kitchen smelling heavenly.

I hope at the very least, this 5-minute kitchen clean routine helped give you an idea of how to keep your kitchen “liveable.” DM me on Facebook or Instagram ways that you keep your kitchen clean.

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