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Mason Jar Salads

Family Meal Responsibilities with Mason Jar Salads

Months ago, I was at my wit’s end trying to cook family meals. I was honestly losing my mind, yelling at my kids and bitching to Thomas. I hated it. I needed help. After a particularly hard night of getting my boys to bed, I had had it. I told Thomas, “Things need to change around here.” Now at that time and still to this day, Thomas and I alternate putting the boys down to bed. There was a balance between our bedtime routine and responsibility; the same could not be said for the responsibility of family meal planning. “I can’t be the only one in charge of family meals. I’m drowning.” I told Thomas after the tiny humans, I called bed monster that night, were quietly sleeping. Now honestly, I hate asking for help. I HATED admitting to my husband that I was drowning. I am woman hear me roar. Right?

Well, female roaring and empowerment have nothing to do with the shared responsibilities of parenthood. I wanted Thomas to help me with family meals and I needed to express that to him. I asked him for suggestions on how to handle this family meal dilemma. Together we realized it was easier to just plan the meals for the entire week (meaning Sunday-Thursday, weekends are a free for all) we alternated ordering groceries online so we should alternate the weekly meal planning too.

Another moment of honesty sometimes it is stressful when it’s my week to plan and prepare the meals. I do find satisfaction when they boys or Thomas likes the meal. Their pleasure motivates me to find more interesting recipes and to try new things. With all that said, when it’s Thomas’s turn, I get to come home from work and just play with my boys for an extra hour or so. That’s the other shared responsibilities element in the entire family meal thing, whoever doesn’t make dinner is the designated babysitter for the time leading up to dinner.

We have been doing this for half a year and I love it. It works for us. Now with all that said, let me share with you my other meal planning extravaganza. During my week I also take on lunches for work. Thomas and I both work at the Utah Department of Health and always eat lunch together. (Yes, we are one of those annoying couples.) After we pick up the groceries, I make five mason jar salads. I honestly take random things out of my frig and pantry and put together some new and exciting salads. Watch the video to see the method to my madness. Yes, it is madness.

My Go-to Recipes

If you watch the video these recipes will make more sense.

Mason Jar Salad #1 Berries of the Goat

Poppy seed dressing on the bottom
Garbanzo beans
Sliced grilled chicken
Goat Cheese
Spinach on the top

Mason Jar Salad #2 Beet the Black Beans

Italian dressing on the bottom
Black beans
Canned beets
Banana peppers
Cubed pepper jack cheese
Power greens on top

Mason Jar Salad #3 Lemon Up the Shrimp

Lemon vinaigrette on the bottom
Red bell pepper
Cubed cheddar cheese
Power greens on top

I would love to hear if you try one of these recipes, leave a comment if you liked them or hated them. I’m good with all comments, but let me know what you didn’t like, I’d be curious for sure. If there is a recipe you want to share DM me on Instagram and I’ll add it to a InstaStory.