Hint of Lavender

Dress in the Cold

Oh this time of year. Here in Utah it’s stayed pretty warm and dry for this time of year. It’s been a nice cool 60s. I am happy about this because it gives me more time to wear the fun fall attire that I love. I always feel chic in boots and sweaters layered with scarfs and coats. One look that I can’t get enough of this time of year is a layered dress. Now I can’t just walk out the door in a strappy sun dress I wore all summer long, well here in Utah I’d be cold.

All it takes to look chic in a dress this time of year is a beautiful dark print dress, with some stockings and boots. It doesn’t hurt if you layer it with a fitted sweater, belt and a nice warm coat. Below, I’ve added some items that I recommend to get a similar look.

Here are some items I recommend that you can layer with your favorite dress.

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