Detox Your Way into the New Year

written by Katie McMinn January 19, 2016

I don’t know about you but I eat A LOT of sugar during the Holiday Season. Being 8-months pregnant I gave myself a pass this year and completely indulged…in everything. Now Thomas and I usually give in to the sweet, sugar goodness of the season. We usually do a detox come the first of the year; but being pregnant I can’t a really do a detox. Instead what we are doing is this amazing program from Isagenix. At the Pinners Conference this year, I met a lovely lady Kathy Lamar and she hooked us up with an amazing Isagenix package.

Thomas’s “Detox”

Thomas has been on the Isagenix’s Performance System program for a bit now. This program gives him the nutrients, energy boosters, and high-quality protein he needs for muscle growth and recovery. Thomas is extremely active and this program has helped him achieve even a tighter, leaner physique.

Performance System Products

    2 IsaLean® PRO Shake
    1 Replenish™
    1 IsaPro®
    2 e+ Energy Shot (6-ct)
    1 IsaLean® Bars
    1 Ionix® Supreme
    1 AMPED™ Power
    1 Pain Relief Cream
    1 Instructional System Guide


My “Detox”

I am super excited about this program. Being pregnant the first part of the month and giving birth mid-month, I wanted a program that was easy and non-stressful of course. My other concern was getting all the nutrients my body needed to make a baby and what it needs to breastfeed. The Isagenix Energy System provides me with the protein and nutrition I need to improve my health and have energy throughout the day. And now having two baby boys I need all the energy I can get.

Energy System Products

    2 IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean PRO
    1 IsaLean® Bars
    2 e+ Energy Shot
    1 Isagenix Coffee
    1 Fiber Snacks™
    1 IsaDelight Sugar Craving Supplement
    1 Sleep Support & Renewal – 2oz spray
    4 Replenish Sticks
    1 Ionix Supreme Nutrient-rich Herbal Tonic
    1 Instructional System Guide

If you have a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, check out Isagenix. They have several different programs and products to help you achieve your goals.

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