Date Night At Home

written by Katie McMinn November 9, 2016

You always hear that after you have kids you need to implement date night. Easier said than done right? I mean sometimes finding a babysitter doesn’t work, sometimes your babysitter backs out last minute, and what not. Thomas and I have honestly struggled with this whole babysitting/date night thing. Pre-kids we had an amazing social life. We were always going to community events, charity banquets, local concerts, etc. Now I have a very difficult time planning anything because I never know how things are going to change day-to-day, hour-to-hour even.

We’ve come up with this great way to have a date, at home. No babysitters, no kiddos, just Thomas and me with a bottle of champagne and some tasty hour devours. We honestly talked, ate, and drank for four hours. It was lovely. It was nice to unplug and just enjoy one another’s company.

Helpful Hint:

Make this date totally custom to you. If you both love hanging out in jammies and watching Netflix totally go for it. Maybe spice it up and wear your really sexy PJs (wink, wink).

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