Color Décor Code

written by Katie McMinn August 8, 2016

I love me some color with that said I like our home to look polished. I can’t be having every color of the rainbow in one room; I have to settle my inner rainbow bright at times. In order to keep my sphere of light in check I follow the color décor code.

Color Code

Color Decor Code

1. Primary color

This is the main accent color you want to incorporate into the space. With the example of my living space the primary color is a deep blue. I have done curtains, pillows, a rug and artwork in this color. The idea is that this color is placed in multiple areas and across multiple items throughout the space.

2. Secondary color

The second color is much like the primary color only scaled down slightly. In my space this color is orange. I’ve used orange for some pillows and artwork. When choosing your secondary color, find your primary color on the color wheel and choose a secondary color that is opposite of the primary. Not sure what I’m even talking about? Check out Adobe Color. I use this wheel for everything from home décor to collateral creation to event planning.

3. Tertiary color

The last color is the color least used, but is used still consistently throughout the space. In my living space this color is gray. I have a set of pillows; all with different patterns, but all gray.

Helpful Hint:

Channel your inner Rainbow Bright while using Adobe Color to make any project bright and colorful.

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