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College Christmas Themed Party FI

It’s a College Christmas

Thomas and I had our first Christmas party the year before we were married; this year marks our 13th Annual Christmas Party. With our move in June and lack of furniture in certain parts of our home I was not feeling up to entertaining. “Where will everyone sit!” I screamed in my head every time I thought about planning the party.

One day I was talking to Thomas about my lack-of-seats dilemma and he said, “Let’s just buy a new couch for the front room, if it’s that big of a deal.”

“No. We don’t need to buy a new couch for a party, there are plenty of other things I want to purchase for house. Let’s just bust out the lawn chairs and be done with it.” I said.

Thus a College Christmas Party was born. From lawn chairs to beer pong, I planned the perfect College Christmas experience. The day of the party, I went to the store and picked up my favorite snacks from my good-old college days: Oreos, smokies, queso, salsa and chips, Red Vines, and more. I was excited about the junk food and fun games. We set up beer pong, and got out Mad Gab and Cards Against Humanity.

We started to feel the excitement when it was time to get ready for the party. I pulled out my SUU T-bird t-shirt and my Westminster hoodie and Thomas pulled out the only colligate apparel he had, huge SUU basketball shorts.

“I really don’t want to wear these to the party.” He exclaimed.

“So don’t. Not everyone will be in college attire.” I said.

As he searched for yet another white tee, he found a necklace that he wore in college. “This is my college item for the night.” He announced as he put in over his head and placed it around his neck. I found a Westminster zip up in the hall closet that was his and he wire it for all of five minutes before declaring it was too hot.

We were dressed and ready for the party. Let the former college festivities begin!

College Christmas Essentials

Collegiate Attire

When I told my girlfriends about this party theme, they all sang out, “Let’s wear our college stuff!” Guests showed up in University PJs, baseball hats, and tees. It was fun to see how many different colleges and universities were represented at the party.

Beer Pong

No college party is over until the Beer Pong Champion has been named. We had a very serious game between Thomas and one of my best friend’s Holly. There was a lot of shit talking, rulemaking and laughter. Oh the joy that beer pong brings.
beer pong
beer pong

Jell-o Shots

Green and red are the best Jell-o colors for this time of year. I made cherry, sorbet vodka shots and lime tequila shots. Now, we did have some guests also bring Jell-o shots, theirs had ½ cup of liquor added to each Jell-o package; I added an entire cup to mine. Needless to say, their shots tasted better, but mine left you feeling better.
Jell-o Shots
Now add a little dance music, some Cards Against Humanity and you’ve got yourself a fun and lively College Christmas party.

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