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Card Workout

This time of year people are so motivated to get to the gym and sweat out all the holiday sugar. Still as a busy working mother, it’s sometimes difficult to get to the gym. Here is a great workout you can do at home, while the kids are napping or your can have the kiddos help you.

Here is how the card workout works. You choose four sets. When I do this workout, I typically do squats, sit ups, jumping jacks, and pushups. You assign each set to a card suite, for example hearts are squats, clovers and sit ups.

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Now you go through the deck of cards. Here’s where you can have your kids help. They can flip over the card and show or tell it to you. You do each set for whatever the number is on the card. FYI kings, queens and jokers equal ten. So…if you flip over a four of clovers, then you do four sit ups. If you flip over a king of hearts, you do ten squats. By the time you complete the entire deck you should have done 75 of each set; so 75 squats, 75 sit ups, 75 jumping jacks, and 75 push ups.