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Bring in the New Year Stress-Free

Growing up I remember watching the show 2020 and thinking the year 2020 was forever away. I still find it difficult to wrap my brain around it. Just saying 2020 seems strange. With this year being the turn of a decade I feel pressure to make this NYE epic. The host in me wants to invite all my friends, buy a beautiful gold sparkling dress, and dance the night away sipping on champagne. The mom in me wants to put on my PJs, wrap up in a blanket with my two sons, and watch a movie.

Oh decisions, decisions. Now if you are like me and trapped in the middle of the host-world and mom-world, I think I may have a solution for you. It involves paper cups, napkins, and crowns. You don’t need a lot to have a fun time and make a memorable night. All you need is something to eat and drink, and something fun to do. I’m excited to share with you my stress-free party “must haves”.

Stress-free NYE Food

Veggie tray
Three different kinds of cheese

Stress-free NYE Drinks

Champagne (you determine the number of bottles you need)

Stress-free NYE Memorable Essentials

Paper crowns
Good music
Fun games

Keep it simple this NYE. People want to snack on something, drink (sometimes a lot), laugh, and play. While I’m obviously a huge advocate for pretty paper plates, use what you’ve got or go buy something festive. For those of you wanting to know the collection used here in the photos, it is Checkmate. You can get the paper crowns from Festive Gal. The two crowns featured here are only two out about 20, so you are sure to find something that you like. The things I love about these paper crowns is that they bring the festive and playful side out in me. When I get fun and playful, so do my guests. I’m telling you these crowns have the best saying too. I chose the two I did because I want to slay 2020 and do epic shit. Also, let’s show Festive Gal some love, go follow her at Instagram.

As far as the music and games go, I suggest getting either Alexa or Pandora playing a party station and pull out all your favorite games. A few of my personal favorites are Cards Against Humanity, Mad Gab, Speak out and Catch Phrase.

I always say the holidays are a time to enjoy the people you love, not stress about the people you love; though that is easier said than done. Keep it simple, follow the “stress-free rules” and enjoy the people you love in your home this New Year’s Eve.

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