Hint of Lavender

Braided Christmas Tree Ribbon

Three years ago, I didn’t put a single ornament on my tree, I had a 2-year-old and almost one-year-old and no time for tree decorating. Instead, I did a crisscross ribbon and called it a day.
As the holiday season approached this year, I remembered the ribbon adorned tree and realized I wanted to do something fun and different with my Christmas tree ribbon again. I can’t remember exactly when the idea hit me, but I came up with this idea to braid ribbon and them pull out pieces, much like we all do with our hair braids.

I am a mom of two boys and am tired of the blues and greens, I wanted a light, feminine tree this year in my office. As I stood in front of the ribbon display at Michael’s, I was inspired by ribbons in pink and white tulle, sparkled pink wired, blush lace, blush wired and sheer cream. I filled a basket of beautiful pink and creamy ribbon and ran home to start on my project. Here is a tutorial video to help you see how you can braid your Christmas ribbon into place. Enjoy!

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