Book Sleeves

written by Katie McMinn August 2, 2017

I had over 50 books displayed on two book shelves. Yes, this was pre kids. I’ve since redecorated. I do have a few books displayed throughout my house. One in particular is in the kitchen nook. This nook looked so pretty. I used the color decor code to determine my color scheme which is white, gold, blue and yellow. I loved the way it looked. I had a blast reorganizing the frames (Framed Chaos Replaced with a Balanced Box), I bought I new table and had fun staging the shelves. One thing I didn’t like was the books all having different colors, which were not in my color scheme. My solution was to create book sleeves.

I had this beautiful white paper that I actually bought for my wedding album, but I never used the paper. Why scrapbook when you can create a digital book online? Right! With this blissfully, wedded paper I created book sleeves that made the space remain cohesive and beautiful.

See how I created the book sleeves here.

My next book collection I plan on trying a bright colored fabric and display them in my office, which means I will be going for a very soft and feminine color scheme. If I ever get around to re decorating my office I will post pics for sure. In the meantime, if you make book sleeves please share them with me. DM me on Instagram with your beautifully “color scheme” appropriate book sleeves.

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