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Hint of Lavender

Katie McMinn in a bomber and mules

Bomber and Mules

If you read my Bombers are the New Blazers blog post, then you know I love bombers. A few weeks ago, Thomas and I were watching the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Netflix; and in every episode at least one of those stylish men were in a bomber jacket. Completely inspired: I grabbed my phone, clicked on Amazon, and found this little floral beauty.

I love this pattern on this bomber and I’m proud to announce it is my first patterned bomber. Around this same time, I was shopping for shoes. I came across these blush-studded mules on DSW. I had just bought the bomber jacket, and in my attempt to do better with my financial goal of “save more spend less,” I decided to wait on the mules. I did put them into my DSW shopping cart, a girl can dream. Right?

I waited for two weeks, I had my blush floral bomber in hand and I decide mama needed those mules. I opened my DSW shopping cart and to my horror… they were out of stock. I quickly looked at the designer and saw Nine West. You guessed it…I went to Nine West and ordered the shoes immediately.

Now I am happy wearing my floral bomber and blush mules. I am ready for spring ladies.

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