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parental confession about being silly

Being Silly with the Kiddos

If you’ve seen either of our Halloween parental confessions episodes (Scaredy Candy and Halloween with Kids) then you know Thomas and I dress up. As we’ve become parents we still dress up, but our tiny hat cocktail parties and festive holidays parties have been replaced with everyday superhero dress up.

Seriously, on a daily basis, Jaxson is asking for me or Thomas to help get him into his Superman costume. This event is followed by Liam getting in his Batman costume and will end with theme songs ring out through the house as we chase each other around our kitchen island. One morning, Thomas and I decided to add to the fun, we both searched for our adult size oneies and came out to the kitchen; him in his red ninja oneies and me in my pink heart oneies. The boys about died when they saw us. We all laughed and then the game of “running around the kitchen island” ensued.

Thomas and I are silly around our boys on a daily basis. Whether it is dressing up or pretending to be circus acrobats, we are constantly being silly and laughing with our boys.

Dare to be silly with your kiddos you may just discover that parenthood can be just as fun as childhood.

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