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Hint of Lavender

Beer Tasting Party

Oh the Irish lass comes out in me this time of year. I have such fond memories of Thomas and I dressing up in silly green hats and glasses and dancing the Irish gig in our kitchen with our friends dancing and laughing around us. I want you to create a wonderful memory of your own and to help I’ve come with a Beer Sampling Party.

What you need

Five types of beer
Glasses for each guest
Nuts of some sort
Download our Beer Tasting Sheet

Guide to What Beer to Buy

You want to get five different types of beer. Starting with a light beer get a pale lager. Then you’ll want a pale ale: blonde ale, pale ale or even a pale lager. Then move on to the medium ale: amber ale, red ale or brown ale. Get a good porter and then finish off with a stout. My rule of thumb is to get one bottle of beer for every two guests. For example, if you are having 12 guests get at least a six-pack of each type of beer. Better yet, ask each guest to bring a six-pack. That way all you have to do is specify which type of beer you want everyone to bring.

The Day of the Party

It’s time to get ready, put the beer in the fridge in the morning so it’s nice a cold. Now I feel there are two ways of doing this sampling. One. You give everyone a beer glass and sampling away. Two. You can give people five paper cups (gotta plug our paper cups here, they are the perfect size for something like this) and you pour a different beer in each cup.

Decide how you want to serve up the beer get all that ready to go. In addition to beer get two small bowls for each guest and fill one with pretzels and one with nuts. Have extra on hand so you can refill bowls when needed.

Once all the guests have arrived, give each person a Beer Tasting Sheet, pen or pencil, the snack bowl of pretzels, a bowl of nuts and the beer cups or glass. There will be five rounds to this sampling. Start with your lightest beer and end with the darkest beer.

Beer Tasting Sheet

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