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bedtime with toddlers

Bedtime Can Be a Bitch Sometimes

That pretty much sums up the bedtime experience I am currently having with my boys, bedtime’s a bitch these days. I used to love putting my little guys to bed. I’d sing to them, hold em till my arms would start to shake and kiss their tiny cheeks about a dozen times. I loved it! Now it’s, “Stay in your bed. Stop jumping. Stop playing with the toys. How the hell did you get the toy to begin with?!?!” Oh the lovely life we share with our toddlers.

I know I’m crazy for having my almost 3-year-old and my 18-month-old in the same room. I think it’s important for them to share a room, I really don’t want to raise little entitled brats. I also think that I jumped the damn gun. I ok with the idea of getting them in different rooms, but it’s too late. Some evenings, Jax will cry, “Eee-am (Liam). Eeee-am!” Then Liam say, “Mommy look at Jax, he’s so cute!” Ok maybe it’s not as much of a bitch as I think.

Like most parenting experiences, it’s all about perspective. Right? I know the reason I struggle is because now, unlike when they were babies, I am not in total control anymore. I can’t just hold them in my arms, believe me I’ve tried and it always ends up with my physical exhausted and both my child and me crying out of frustration.

I’ve decided I am going to give in, give up total control and try to enjoy this phase as much as I can. I want to look back and remember rubbing my child’s back until he fell asleep. I want to remember them chatting away to one another as I sit back (with tennis neck) and admire that they have a bond I will never quite understand. From this day forth I will choose to let go and enjoy!

Man thank you ladies. I feel much better now! Lol If you are like me and in the middle of toddler paradise, share your bedtime story with me. DM me on Facebook or Instagram, I want to hear the good, the bad, and the toddler ugly.

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