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Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is one of my favorite times. Not because I know the rug-rat will be sleeping soon, but because it has become a ritual sort of thing. Whether you believe in a bedtime routine or not, I swear by it. A routine has worked for Liam. Though I’d like to credit his sleep behavior to the fact that he is the most perfect kid on the planet, I do believe he sleep well because we have had a bedtime routine since he was 3-months-old.


Liam’s Routine

(He’s currently 14-months-old)
Starts at 7:30 pm

  • Bath time (every other day or so, the routine starts at 7 on these days)
  • Jammies
  • 4 oz bottle of milk
  • Story or two depending
  • Hair brush (don’t ask me why we do this)
  • Brush teeth
  • Sound machine on
  • Lights off
  • Rock him for a bit (I sing to him when it’s my turn, I don’t know if Thomas sings or not)
  • Place the kiddo in bed
  • Ends at 8:00 pm

    Now honestly sometimes we adjust this schedule, especially on nights when we don’t get home until 8 pm. Our rule of thumb is we stick to the schedule more often than not. But we are human adults and need our social time almost as badly as Liam needs his sleep time.


    Helpful Hint:

    Stick to the routine as much as possible, the consistency goes along way.

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