Beast of Support

written by Katie McMinn April 11, 2017
Spartan Race

You may or may not know, but Thomas signed him and me up to run the Spartan Beast. Well I guess it’s a medium version of the beast; which is an obstacles course/race. Ok here is the low down, the Spartan Sprint is 3+ miles of obstacle racing with 20+ obstacles, the Super Spartan is 8+ miles with 25+ obstacles, the Spartan Beast is 13+ miles with 30+ obstacles, and the Ultra Beast is 26+ miles, 60+ obstacles. I believe we are doing the Super Spartan. So technically we should be calling everything the Super Spartan, but we call it the Spartan Beast, because Thomas ran the Beast a few years ago; and well the name just stuck.

I wanted to write about this Spartan Beast training journey because I wanted to share my journey. I most likely would not be doing this if it weren’t for Thomas. Yes, if you saw my Girls Can do Pull Ups Too video, then you know I had the goal of completing five pull-ups before my maternity was over. As you can see from the video I accomplished that goal and am proud to announce that I can do 20 pull-ups. God not in a row I have to do four sets of five.

While I do want to get in better shape then I was before I had babies, again I don’t know that I would have done this whole Spartan Beast thing. I am so grateful that Thomas has pushed me to do it, which brings me to the entire point of this post. Support. I know that one way I keep my life and my marriage balanced is with the support Thomas and I provide to one another. Like I do both my boys, I want whats best for Thomas. I want him to take care of himself. I have no problem taking the boys solo for a weekend so he can get away and recharge. I have no problem entertaining the boys when I know Thomas has had a tough day. I have no problem doing these things because he reciprocates. When I need him to step up to the plate and take care of the boys and handle the household he does it.

Not only do we support each other in our journey of parenting and adulting; we also support each other’s personal growth. When he went back to school to get his MBA, or started up krav maga I encouraged it because I knew it would make him happy. He has always encouraged me to set goals and accomplish them. He has been with me when I’m recording in the studio, preparing for a fashion show, going back to get my Masters. He’s also supported me in my decision to wait on having kids, and boy did I make that man wait. He has been my support system ever since we met which was 16 years ago. We met when I was 18 and he was 19, we were babies. We did a lot of growing up together and through the 10 years of marriage, two wiener dogs, two babies and everything in between we’ve learned that supporting each other is one way we are happier as parents, spouses, friends, and people.

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