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Basic Budget

Don’t let the word budget scare you. I’ve been on a budget for 15 years now I have more spending cash than ever before. I think most people, especially us shoppers, hear the word budget and immediately want to curl up in ball or jump in the car and head to our favorite store. Warning: never emotionally shop, I’ve done it in the past and you always end up buying stuff you don’t need or even want while you rack up a credit card bill. No more emotional shopping, stop the insanity! You will be happier I promise.

You may ask, “What does a basic budget look like?” It’s really very simple, you can overcomplicate a budget, but keeping it simple makes it easier to stick to. Here is a list of things to include in your budget.

a. Mortgage or rent payment
b. Utility bills- gas, power, water, sewer
c. Car payment or transit fee
d. Cell phone bill
e. Credit card bill
f. Groceries
g. Internet
h. Digital streaming services-Hulu, Netflix, etc.

You want to start tracking all these expenses so you can plan better in the future. I use this budget spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows you to track your bills and determine your monthly spending cash or what Thomas and I call Play Money. If you want to use the spreadsheet dynamically open it in Adobe Acrobat and fill in the boxes with your numbers and everything will calculate for you.


If you have questions about the budget or the spreadsheet email me. I’d love to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Helpful Hint: Stop emotional shopping…right now. Don’t do it anymore.

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