Baking With Kids

written by Katie McMinn May 16, 2017
The Great British Baking Show

Liam enjoys baking. I know! What 2-year-old wants to bake? Well mine asks to watch the Great British Baking Show, which he calls the cooking show. I have to admit I love watching the show with him. I asks me all about the ingredients and when the screen brings up the baker’s idea I ask Liam if he thinks it looks good or not. We do have a lot of fun during the show.

Because Liam like the show so much I’ve been baking more with him. I’ve learned so many things as I’ve baked with my 2-year-old. Here is the list.

1. Things are going to get messy.

Counters, walls, hands and faces will be covered in flour and sugar. If you don’t see butter anywhere you are in luck my friend.

2. The end result is fun, not fine baking.

I used to get all worked up about the baked good not being perfect. I’ve recently realized that I bake with Liam to spend time with him, to help us pass the time on some days, and to teach him a new skill. My end rest is to have fun with my kid and hopefully at the end of it enjoy a good brownie or two.

3. Get your kid involved.

The more I ask of Liam the more enjoyable the process is for both of us. Yes I have to fish out the egg shells. Yes sometimes they make there way into the baked good. Who cares? Having Liam spoon out the batter and carefully placed the batter on the baking sheet.

4. It is a teaching moment.

I love watching Liam’s mind turn as I show him an egg and how to crack it. I love giving him the beater and watching him spin the bowl clumsily has he manages to beat the ingredient into submission. the great british baking show

I’m grasping onto this whole parenting thing. It has taken many baking mistakes to figure out the right equation for Liam and me. But I’ve learned that the more I incorporate him into my activities the happier we all are.

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