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Bad Mom and No “Perfect” Christmas Home

I recently decorated the house for Christmas and I had somewhat of a mental breakdown. I’m not kiddin. The idea of sifting through dozens of totes looking for Christmas items brought me to my knees. I never expected to feel this way. I love Christmas! Every year thus far, I relished in the idea of making my house feel the magic of Christmas. This year was anything, but magically.

I started to decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving. I started with just three totes. As I placed each tote down on the floor, before I knew it, the boys ripped off the lid and started going through the items. Some things they would play with, others they dropped to the floor completely uninterested. I kept channeling a Halloween Décor post I wrote a couple years ago, where I talk about not needing to put out every single holiday item you have, but to simply focus on a few areas. Now for the girl who traditionally made her house look like Christmas threw up on every square inch of the home, this simple concept was very challenging. I was having an internal debate.

After a few hours of “decorating,” Thomas realized I was struggling. He turned to the boys and asked if they wanted to go to the park. I looked up at him from my defeated seat between my three Christmas filled totes and said, “I want to go.” Minutes later as I walked towards the playground, watching my boys run to the teeter-totter, I felt relief. I wasn’t in the damn house trying to create a perfect looking Christmas home. I stepped up behind Thomas, put my arms around him and thanked him for getting us all out of the house.

Later that night, I was in bed remembering the message Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell gave me in the new Bad Moms Christmas movie. “Us moms, don’t have to make Christmas perfect!” I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with a renewed motivation to decorate. I will focus on a few areas and will not, I repeat will NOT make our home a “perfect” Christmas house. This year, the areas I will turn all my Christmas decorating attention towards will be; the tree and fireplace, the kitchen nook and living room.

The Tree

Come Saturday morning, I already had my Christmas tree up and this year I vowed to not put a single ornament on the enormous spruce. Instead, I decided to wrap the tree up in ribbon. In the past, I’d easily spend 4-6 hours decorating the tree. Why? I have no idea. This year, I spent 45 minutes doing this crisscross ribbon and I love the way it looks. I also love that I didn’t spend so much time on the tree, instead later that night we had another family park outing.

How to do the criss cross Christmas tree ribbon

The Kitchen Nook

The Living Room

This year as far as my house goes, I focused on a few areas. The house does look different this year, much more minimalist, but I love it. It looks festive, clean and simple. Best part of this story is that when I finished decorating the house, all by Sunday evening, I heard Liam talking to Thomas. This was the conversation:

Liam: “I love mommy.”

Thomas: “I know. Isn’t she the best.”

Liam: “Ya. She made the house look so beautiful.”

Yep ladies, I cried. I was so happy that I created a beautiful and my kind of perfect Christmas home for my boys. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and remember that you do not need to have a “perfect Christmas” house this year. Your house is perfect, however you choose to decorate it.


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