Hint of Lavender

Backyard Greenery Centerpiece

Spring is so colorful. I’ve been working in my yard a lot lately; transplanting shrubs, planting flowers, removing weeds. Ugh to that last one. Anyone else dislike weeding? I used to hate folding laundry, then I turned my mindset of folding laundry to a time when I can slow down, relax and reflect. Perhaps I need to implement that mindset with weeding.

So back to my yard. I’ve been loving all the flowers popping up, most of which I planted last year. Last year was the first full summer in this house, so last year we planted a ton of stuff and I’ve been trying to “get to know my yard.” That sounds so funny, but as I’ve been working in the flower beds more I’m realizing there is a certain type of relationship that exists between a home owner and their yard.

I’ve watched and learned where certain plants are popping up. I’ve determined the large tree in our backyard needs a lot more water than we were giving it. I’ve discovered rose bushed hiding in the brush, some beautiful bush, that I don’t know the name of, with pink flowers, and so much more. Every year, I feel like I am getting better at my yard work duties; and every year our yard changes and looks more colorful and full of life.

This lovely discovery is what lead me to do this post. During this time of global change, I don’t want to go to the flower shop it feels unnecessary to me. You all know that I love my florals, so why not use what I got in my yard. Right?

How I Created This Beautiful Centerpiece

1. Choosing the Flowers and Greenery

I did a short “yard tour” and looked at everything growing in my yard. I had these vibrant bushes in my front yard that I felt would be a perfect ground point for this arrangement. On the side of my house I have this enormous snowball bush, knew I needed to add some of those beauties. Like I said in the video, the snowballs could have been used about a week or two earlier. Lastly, I had this delicate lilac bush that we planted last year. It was a tad premature, but I used some of its bushels anyway.

2. Grab a Supplies

You’ll need garden shears, a watering can/water, flowers and greenery, and a container. Grab all your supplies. Once you’ve cut off the flowers and greenery you want to use, fill up your container with water. You can use any container for this. For this centerpiece, I like to use something with a lower edge, and larger base. I used a 9×13 cooking pan for this. See you can literally use whatever you want to create this arrangement.

3. Placing Your Flowers and Greenery

Now I don’t want to go into the specifics of floral arranging here because I have another post and video explaining How To Arrange Flowers Like a Pro. You’ll find everything you need in that blog post and video.

Get out in your yard, cut some beauties and make a killer centerpiece. I hope this inspires you to gather a small group of friends in your home…or your backyard.

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