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Backyard Dinner Party Backdrop

Backyard dinner parties are a great way to gather the people you love at your home. A few years ago, we had our son Liam’s first birthday and it was a backyard party. I dressed the yard in blue, green and orange balloons, flag banners, and table settings.

I was five months pregnant when I was planning my Liam’s first birthday party. It felt natural to have the gender reveal of my second son at the birthday party. I took a big box, covered it in pink and blue paper, and wrote boy or girl on it. I filled it with blue balloons and was beyond excited as I watched my one-year-old open the best gift I could possibly ever give him.

Because this memory was around this time of year, I’ve had gender reveal ideas on my mind. Enter the color scheme for this backyard dinner party. I used pink and blue grounded in with white. I used those colors for the dinnerware and backdrop.
Here is the meat of this post, the backyard dinner party backdrop. I came up with this idea as I was helping a friend plan her daughter’s birthday party. I was wanting something that would be easy to make and have a big impact in the overall décor of the party. This idea was born. I basically took plastic table clothes: cut them, lopped them over a string, and secured them in place with a ribbon.

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How to Create the Tablecloth Backdrop

Step 1: Cut plastic tablecloths.

I placed the tablecloths on the floor and cut them into four equal parts.

Step 2: Hang up a string.

I measured the area in the backyard where I wanted to hang the backdrop and cut the string two extra feet in length so I had enough to tie it to the tree. I then hung the string to a metal backdrop frame. This made it easier for me to attach the tablecloths.

Step 3: Decide the color order.

I wanted a pattern, but not an every other pattern. I knew I wanted only three blue strips and more pink and white. I went with white, blue, pink, pink, white, pink, pink, blue, and so on.

Backyard Backdrop 4

Step 4: Loop the plastic tablecloth and tie.

I started in the middle with the blue tablecloth strip by looping it over the string and made sure the tablecloth was evenly distributed. I then took some gift wrap ribbon and tied it around the tablecloth securing it to the string.

Step 5: Keep lopping and tying.

Repeat step 4 until you like the look of the backdrop. Once you are to this point hang it in the desired place.

Backyard Backdrop 6
I hope you can use this idea at your next party and as always, I hope you gather your friends and family at your home.

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