Attached to a Bink?

written by Katie McMinn January 31, 2017

Have any of you seen Wubbanub? I love them. They make it so you can find the binky easier because it can’t fall into small little tight spaces. In the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is go on a binky hunt. The Wubbanubs are so cute too. They come in a variety of animals, colors etc. It’s fun to pick one that fits your child’s personality. We had the giraffe for Liam and the lion for Jaxson. We called them both Wu. I’m sad to report both Wu the Giraffe and Wu the Lion were severed from their binky.

I walked into Liam’s room and I saw Wu on one side of the bedroom and the binky on the other. At 5-months Liam no longer had a binky and he couldn’t have cared less. Now with Jaxson…when his Wu died, the same way Liam’s had you would have thought the world ended at the McMinn house. I didn’t want to buy another Wu that was going be decapitated at some point in time, so I decided to create my own Wu. I took Jaxson’s binky and sewed it to a little bean bag filled square that acted much in the same way Wu the lion did. Here is how I made it.

How To Make Your Own Binky Attachment aka Wu

What you will need:

• Sewing machine
• Fabric
• Thread
• Bean bag beans
• Post-it note

Step 1.

Take the fabric you want for the cover square and trace the outline of the post-it note onto the inside of the fabric. In the video I moved the post-it note and traced the length of the post-it note twice; you can also fold the fabric in half and trace the post-it note once. Cut out your cover square.

Step 2.

Cut out your decal, in a different fabric from your cover square so it stands out, and sew it onto your cover square.

Step 3.

Take a strip of fabric, fold it over onto itself so the edges are not exposed, and sew it. This will become the strip of fabric that you loop through the binky and then attached to the cover square. When you attach the strip to the cover square sew back and forth across the strip about 4-5 times to secure it to the cover square.

Step 4.

Take your scrap fabric and cut out a square that is slightly smaller than your cover square. Sew around the edges leaving a slight opening. Fill it with washable bean bag beans. After a month or so of using these attached binks, they are due for a wash. In the video I filled my bag with rice, which was not smarty. Days later, I realized I wouldn’t be able to wash the binks. I had to remove the rice and refill the bags with bean bag beans. Yes, totally pain in the ass.

Step 5.

Sew around the edges of cover square. Be sure to place the side with the decal inside before sewing. Leave an opening so you can turn it inside out. The binky gets in the way a bit, but turn the nipple down and lay it as flat as possible and you should be ok.

Step 6.

Put the bean bag into the cover square and sew it up. Helpful hint, If you sew around the entire square and not just the opening, it will look better.

The thing I loved most about this project was personalizing the binky squares to my son. I chose to put a J on his, but there is an endless amount of possibilities for decals. If you end up making a cute girly one I’d love to see it. IM on Facebook or Instagram with a pics.

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