Hint of Lavender

At Home Retreat

With us practicing social distancing, Thomas and I decided we needed to create an at-home retreat. We have a deck off of our master bedroom and last year I honestly think I stepped out there twice. I think partly because the space wasn’t ever inviting and two I didn’t really think about the space much. I decided to change that up by designed the space to be our at-home retreat.

If you saw the outdoor space post from last summer, then you know I used black, white and yellow for our outdoor space in the backyard. You won’t know this because I haven’t shared it but, our bedroom walls are black. Yep black with a white chair rail. There is somewhat of a black and white theme spreading throughout home. Our master does have pops of khaki and gray. I knew I wanted to stay very close to this color scheme for the deck because I wanted it to feel like an extension of the master.

Keeping with that theme, I designed our at-home retreat in the same colors. I’ve added some khaki, and a tiny amount of grey and muted blue. I grounded the space by layering three black and white rugs. I placed two reversible Aztec print rugs on each side of the deck. I layered a Bohemian distressed rug over the gap. This rug, while still an outdoor rug is softer and was perfect for when we first step out onto the deck.

I found these amazing modular chairs from a sectional. They fit the space beautifully and when we want a different configuration we are able to separate them and move them around. I bought them in the khaki color because it was that or blue. If you recall there is no blue in our master so that color was out.

I had fun pairing the lounge chairs with one silver metal drum side table and one black metal drum side table. They were the perfect height and added interesting texture to the space. I added fun accessories; a black and white wool blanket and some mountain theme pillows.

You know I love my lighting. I was going back and forth about this one. Thomas really loves the strands we have in our backyard space, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I found these 14’ glass lanterns that came with a remote. In addition to these lanterns, I added some Off! candles and placed them in the same style of pots that I used in the backyard space. What can I say? I love these pots. I added a container with a lid where I store the remote for the lanterns, a lighter for the Off candles and a part of sunglasses for when the sun is out.

I hope our at-home retreat inspires you to make a retreat of your own. During this time of social distancing, as you are gathered mostly around your family, it’s good to have a retreat to well…retreat to when you need a break. Hope you are safe and healthy.